CONFIRMED: Jason Barraza to Serve on Maricopa County Commission on Trial Court Appointments

Ducey Appointment Confirmed Tuesday by AZ Senate

April 26, 2017

Phoenix, AZ – Veridus LLC is excited to announce that Senior Associate Director Jason Barraza has officially been named to the Maricopa County Commission on Trial Court Appointments.

Barraza, appointed by Gov. Ducey in February to fill a vacancy on the 16-member Commission, was approved last week by the Senate Judiciary Committee, and confirmed this Monday by the full body of the Arizona State Senate.

“I’m humbled and honored to have had the support of so many friends and colleagues throughout this process,” said Barraza. “I especially want to thank Governor Ducey for the opportunity to serve, and members of the Arizona State Senate for entrusting me with this great responsibility.”

Under Arizona’s judicial merit selection system, the Maricopa County Commission on Trial Court Appointments is a nonpartisan committee charged with investigating and evaluating applicants for judgeships in Maricopa County, and recommending at least three candidates to the Governor for consideration.

By law, the Commission must include 10 public members and 5 attorneys. Barraza will serve as the Attorney Member representing Maricopa County District 3 for a term expiring in January 2019.

From all of us at Veridus: Congratulations, Jason!