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Ducey Appointment Confirmed Tuesday by AZ Senate

April 26, 2017

Phoenix, AZ – Veridus LLC is pleased to announce Matthew Benson is now an owner in the firm. Matthew, Director of PR and strategic communications, joins founding Directors Wendy Briggs, Jeff Sandquist and Jay Kaprosy as owners of Veridus.

“We’re excited Matt has joined our ownership team,” said Wendy. “This is the culmination of Matt’s hard work that has led to Veridus becoming a leading Arizona provider of PR and public affairs services among corporations, political campaigns, non-profits and other organizations seeking to navigate the media and more effectively tell their story. Matt and his communications team have been an ideal complement to Veridus’ lobbying and government relations services and help our clients achieve their goals, which is Job One.”

“I’m proud of what we have created together at Veridus, and my family and I feel tremendously blessed at this opportunity to have an ownership stake in an organization of this caliber,” Matthew said. “I can’t wait to see where we take Veridus next.”

A frequent guest and political commentator with local and national news outlets, Matthew has spent more than 15 years on both sides of the professional media. Prior to joining Veridus in 2013, he was Director of Communications and chief spokesman for then-Arizona Gov. Janice K. Brewer. He earlier served in a similar role with then-Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett. Matthew was a newspaper reporter for a decade, nearly half covering state politics for The Arizona Republic.

Matthew was born and raised near Denver, and is a graduate of Colorado State University. He lives in Scottsdale with his wife and son.