Government Relations

Veridus is consistently sought by local, national, and international clients to handle the most complex legislative and administrative matters. Our bipartisan team prides itself in becoming masters of the issues for which we advocate so that our entire complement of professionals can bring their individual talents and relationships to the table on behalf of our clients. Additionally, many of our long-term clients are nationally recognized businesses that benefit not only from our lobbying and legislative procedure expertise, but the exemplary reputation our team maintains which protects the brand of those whom we represent.


Media Relations
Who’s afraid of the media? Not us. Veridus has the best contacts and connections with national, regional and local media to tell your story. Let us help you hone your message and reach the masses.

Crisis Response
So long, 24-hour news cycle. These days, news spreads around the world at the speed of Twitter. Don’t wait until crisis strikes. Sleep better knowing you have the experience of Veridus on your side to help you respond with consistency, clarity and credibility the next time the media comes calling.

Reputation Management
Take control of your brand. Stop fearing Google. With 88% of consumers researching online before they buy, no organization can afford to leave its online image to chance. Let Veridus analyze your weaknesses and repair them with powerful Search Engine Optimization tools. The Internet is your virtual doorstep. Veridus can give you the curb appeal you need.

Media Training
Be ready for the big interview. Our team has worked at the highest levels of professional media and public affairs. Arm yourself with our expertise, and know you’re ready for whatever the media throws your way – whether it’s a high-profile press conference, one-on-one interview or key sit-down with the local newspaper editorial board.

Social Media
No communications plan is complete without an aggressive online component. Veridus can help you more effectively engage and mobilize the public with online resources such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, Tumblr and more.

Speech Writing
Need just the right message? Let Veridus help. Our communications team is led by professional writers who have handled messaging and key public addresses for some of the highest-profile figures in Arizona, including two Governors.


Veridus sets itself apart from most lobbying and public affairs operations by also providing successful campaign services for clients and political candidates alike. From major ballot initiative efforts to independent expenditure campaigns, we do it all under one roof. Our team can conduct public opinion surveys, create and target direct mail, phone calls or email and assist with campaign finance reporting and compliance.

Veridus also has been hired to serve as PR and communications consultants on some of Arizona’s most high-profile, high-dollar ballot initiative campaigns – including playing a leading role in the resounding defeat of Prop 127, a 2018 ballot measure that would have drastically raised energy rates for Arizona families and small businesses. Our clients know that when it comes to experience, political savvy and the ability to effectively communicate the issues, nobody does it better than Veridus.

Public Affairs

At Veridus, we know it often requires strong public affairs to turn a good idea into successful public policy. That’s where we come in. Coalition-building, grassroots and grasstops engagement, direct mail – these are just a few of the tools we can use to help achieve your public policy goal, whether it’s seeing a bill signed into law or bad legislation scrapped. Whatever your public affairs needs, Veridus has the experience and expertise to make your effort a success.


Strategic Outreach
Most folks who develop large-scale projects (shopping malls, housing developments, factories, mines, power plants, etc) understand that they need to obtain the legal right to develop (permits, leases, title, etc). What are often misunderstood are the practices needed to obtain and maintain the buy-in from the community to develop and sustain a project. So many times, projects are developed without a clear understanding of how important social license is.

Site Identification
Choosing the right site for your operations is a critical decision. Veridus can help you identify the nuances of each location so you can make a more informed decision about your business operations.

Fatal Flaw and Risk Analyses
With so many factors impacting the progress of operations, understanding which factors could be damaging and how their impact might be minimized is a vital component in decision-making.

Our professionals have years of experience working with regulators on operational permits. This includes a rich understanding of the factors that can help or hinder the speedy review and approval of permits that are key to your success.

Regulatory Compliance
The last thing any business wants to receive is a notice of violation from a government agency. Veridus can review your operations to make sure that site inspections go smoothly and without incident.

Stakeholder Identification and Mapping
Understanding the landscape in which your business operates is vital to your decision making process. Veridus can assist you in understanding the political realities of your industry. Who are you friends, who are your enemies? How can you outreach to influencers to move public and political opinion about your business.

Business Development
Too frequently business owners find themselves on the cusp of expansion or new opportunity but for the inability to make the necessary connections to move forward. The Veridus team has been working with political and business leaders for decades, helping them find success and achieve goals. We can help you identify, develop strategic plans for, and implement business plans for your future.