Campaign Consulting

Veridus sets itself apart from most lobbying and public affairs operations by also providing successful campaign services for ballot initiative and independent expenditure campaigns all under the same roof. From the beginning, Veridus can get your campaign off the ground, and once you are up and running, we also have the tools to carry you to the finish. Our team can conduct public opinion surveys, create and target direct mail, phone calls or email, and assist with campaign finance reporting and compliance. Veridus is unmatched in our ability to facilitate your ballot initiative or independent expenditure campaign.

CASE STUDY: Protecting the state from an ill-conceived ballot measure


In 2008, the Freedom to Choose Act (Proposition 101) was placed on the statewide ballot in an effort to amend the state constitution and prohibit future healthcare legislation. The poorly worded measure had the potential to impose severe restrictions on how the state could adjust to future healthcare needs.


While Prop 101 had been characterized by its proponents as “healthcare freedom” and had drawn broad initial support among vocal groups, a number of healthcare organizations opposed it on practical grounds and serious concerns about the unintended consequences of the act. However, as early ballots were being sent, the health care industry still hadn’t mounted an effective campaign to support their position. Worse yet, early polling demonstrated that Prop 101 was on track to pass by a margin of 10-15%.

Veridus Solution

Veridus was engaged just 30 days before Election Day and immediately went to work. We used polling to pinpoint sympathetic demographics and then developed and executed an integrated media effort that highlighted Prop 101’s risks and unintended consequences.


Despite the compressed time frame and challenge in coordinating a large group of stakeholders, our information campaign succeeded in educating voters, who went to the polls and defeated Prop 101.