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CASE STUDY: Veridus helps the Arizona Trucking Association triumph over powerful opposition


Trucking companies in Arizona were routinely asked to sign contracts with provisions holding them responsible for all damages arising during the transportation of freight, even where the damage was caused by the negligence of the shipper.  As a result, truckers were constantly at risk of being put out of business due to these onerous and unfair contract provisions.


In 2011, the Arizona Trucking Association (ATA) sought to get legislation passed that would void these onerous indemnification clauses in contracts for the transportation of goods. However, powerful interests such as petroleum companies and mining companies were aligned against the bill and aggressively opposed its passage.

Veridus Solution

Veridus worked with the ATA to develop a strategy to educate elected officials on the issue while simultaneously working with the ATA to mobilize its 300-plus members across Arizona.  Those members contacted legislators in their respective districts to make the case for passage of the bill. Veridus was able to identify the most effective arguments and execute a comprehensive and intense effort to garner the necessary support for the bill.


Despite intense opposition, the anti-indemnification bill passed overwhelmingly (just four legislators voted against it), and was signed into law on April 12, 2011, scoring a huge triumph for the ATA and leveling the playing field for trucking firms in Arizona when negotiating contracts.