Strategic Consulting

Too frequently business owners find themselves on the cusp of expansion or new opportunity but for the inability to make the necessary connections to move forward. The Veridus team provides strategic consulting to business leaders, helping them navigate the impediments to their success. We can help you identify, develop strategic plans for, and navigate the political and regulatory environment to implement business plans for your future.

Strategic Outreach
Most folks who develop large-scale projects (shopping malls, housing developments, factories, mines, power plants, etc) understand that they need to obtain the legal right to develop (permits, leases, title, etc). What are often misunderstood are the practices needed to obtain and maintain the buy-in from the community to develop and sustain a project. So many times, projects are developed without a clear understanding of how important social license is.

Key areas to consider:

  1. How will regulators and other decision-makers react to a very angry and engaged group of protestors?
  2. How will regulators react to elected officials influenced by public sentiment?
  3. Will your media coverage be balanced?
  4. How will your investors react to shifts in public perception?
  5. Are you prepared to handle the social license components during a crisis?

The bottom line is that the right moves can shave months, if not years, off of bringing your project online. Properly executed outreach practices can help you reduce permitting timeframes, appeals and other headaches. Veridus’ team can help you demystify your interactions with the public and earn the hearts and minds of your key constituency through this 3-step process:

  1. Unpack, clarify, and refine messaging: Develop easy-to-digest talking points that your audience can understand and relate to.
  2. Identify key stakeholders and prioritize your interactions: Determining the right path for moving key decision-makers is one of the most important strategic decisions you will make, including which stakeholders to interact with and in what order. Choose wisely. Through a process known as stakeholder identification and mapping (SIM), we can help you chart your interactions to save time and energy and maximize your return.
  3. Mix it. Bake it. Serve: By combining the outcomes of the stakeholder identification process with the clarified messaging, we can help you develop a messaging matrix – refining key messages to fit their audience  (i.e. messaging for community groups versus regulators) – with a strategic engagement plan – charting out your external relations activities in a way that all areas are working in concert with one another.

We are ready to help you:

  • Properly message your issue(s) to drive public support in your direction
  • Understand the nuts and bolts of stakeholder identification and outreach planning
  • Manage public perception effectively and create a scenario where perception equals reality
  • Translate external relations activities into quantifiable, budget-enhancing data
  • Craft and understand public opinion metrics

Our strategic consulting services also include:

Site Identification
Choosing the right site for your operations is a critical decision. Veridus can help you identify the nuances of each location so you can make a more informed decision about your business operations.

Fatal Flaw and Risk Analyses
With so many factors impacting the progress of operations, understanding which factors could be damaging and how their impact might be minimized is a vital component in decision-making.

Our professionals have years of experience working with regulators on operational permits. This includes a rich understanding of the factors that can help or hinder the speedy review and approval of permits that are key to your success.

Regulatory Compliance
The last thing any business wants to receive is a notice of violation from a government agency. Veridus can review your operations to make sure that site inspections go smoothly and without incident.

Stakeholder Identification and Mapping
Understanding the landscape in which your business operates is vital to your decision making process. Veridus can assist you in understanding the political realities of your industry. Who are you friends, who are your enemies? How can you outreach to influencers to move public and political opinion about your business.