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Regular sessions shall be adjourned sine die no later than Saturday of the week in which the one hundredth day from the beginning of each regular session falls. The President and Speaker of the House may by declaration authorize the extension of the session for a period of not to exceed seven additional days. Thereafter, the session can be extended only by the Senate and House by a majority vote of the members present in each body. 

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Where’s the line between personal freedom and public health?

 That question was at the center of a heated Capitol debate this week, as a handful of controversial vaccination-related bills made their way through the Arizona Legislature.

 A Senate committee rejected a bill that would have created a religious exemption from a state requirement mandating children get vaccinated before enrolling in public school. However, the House Health & Human Services Committee gave a green light to an identical proposal, and also approved measures to:

  • Require that any health professional who administers a vaccine provide the patient or guardian a list of information pertinent to the vaccination, including risks and benefits, the manufacturer’s product insert, ingredients, ways to report a vaccine-related incident and more;
  • Eliminate an informed disclosure requirement that parents review and sign a form detailing they understand the risks associated with declining vaccination; and
  • Give parents the option to pursue pre-immunization testing of their child to see if he/she already has immunity.

“Anti-vax” families and supporters gathered at the State Capitol to express their concerns about immunization-related side effects. Public health officials, meanwhile, warn that flagging vaccination rates in Arizona and nationally are placing people at risk for measles and other communicable diseases. A 2018 study listed Phoenix as a “hotspot” for kids not getting vaccinated for non-medical reasons. According to the Arizona Department of Health Services, 6 percent of Maricopa County kindergarteners were exempt from immunizations during the 2017-18 school year. Certain populations, including the very young and individuals with suppressed immune systems, cannot receive vaccinations. When immunization rates fall below a certain point, the “herd immunity” that protects these vulnerable populations is lost.


City Sun Times

Early voting for the March 12 City of Phoenix Special Election began Feb. 13, and mail-in ballots for the election were mailed out that same day. The election is being conducted by the Phoenix City Clerk’s Office. City of Phoenix voters will vote in a runoff election to fill a vacancy for Mayor for a term that expires April 19, 2021. Also, residents in District 5 will vote to fill its vacated Council seat for a term that expires April 19, 2021, while residents in District 8 will vote to fill its vacated Council seat for a term that expires April 17, 2023.

Mail-in ballots will be sent to voters on the Permanent Early Voting List (PEVL) and those who requested an early mail-in ballot. Voters who are not already scheduled to receive a ballot by mail can request an early ballot by mail by submitting a signed, written request to the City Clerk Department. Request forms are available at, at City public service counters and libraries, or by calling the City Clerk Department at 602.261.8683 or by using the 7-1-1 Relay System. Early Ballot requests must be received by the City Clerk Department no later than 5pm Friday, March 1. Voters can also check the status of their early ballot at

For more information about the upcoming election, contact the Phoenix City Clerk Department at 602.261.8683, visit, or use the 7-1-1 Relay System. Follow on Twitter @PHXElections.

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Los Angeles Times

It was a crowded primary field and Tony Evers, running for governor, was eager to win the support of officials gathered at a Wisconsin state Democratic party meeting, so the candidate did all the usual things: he read the room, he shook hands, he networked.

Then he put an electronic fence around everyone there.

The digital fence enabled Evers’ team to push ads onto the iPhones and Androids of all those attending the meeting. Not only that, but because the technology pulled the unique identification numbers off the phones, a data broker could use the digital signatures to follow the devices home. Once there, the campaign could use so-called cross-device tracking technology to find associated laptops, desktops and other devices to push even more ads.

Welcome to the new frontier of campaign tech — a loosely regulated world in which simply downloading a weather app or game, connecting to Wi-Fi at a coffee shop or powering up a home router can allow a data broker to monitor your movements with ease, then compile the location information and sell it to a political candidate who can use it to surround you with messages.

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Arizona Capitol Times

If Rep. Bob Thorpe gets his way police will no longer need an excuse to pull over a motorist who isn’t buckled up.

Existing Arizona law already requires the front-seat occupants of any vehicle to use any seat belts or lap belts installed with the vehicle.

But the only way that state lawmakers agreed to such a mandate decades ago was by spelling out that police officers may cite violators only if they actually have stopped the vehicle for some other reason.

Thorpe, a Flagstaff Republican, said he has been approached by officers of the Department of Public Safety who want to be more proactive — and not for punitive motives.

“They’re not concerned about fines,” he told members of the House Committee on Public Safety on Wednesday. “They’re concerned about saving lives.”

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ELOY, Ariz. (FOX 10) -- A local veteran is honoring other veterans who've come and served before him by making sure their final resting place is well kept and maintained.

"We need to also recognize those that have passed on. They're still veterans in death," said John Meyer with American Legion Post 97.

Meyer, an Army veteran, spent his morning restoring the bronze marker of World War II Navy veteran Henry Ybarra.

[...] Once the restoration work is complete, places a flag by the marker and salutes. Meyer decided to make this his mission a few years ago, while attending a funeral.

"I was looking around at other veterans' grave sites, and noticed how unkept they were, so it really saddened me," said Meyer.

Since then, Meyer has restored countless markers with the help of Core Civic and the American Legion Post 97 in San Tan Valley.

[...] Meyer trains other veterans how to restore the markers. He says it's very therapeutic for those suffering from PTSD.

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Blue Book Services

The Fresh Produce Association of the Americas (FPAA) recently celebrated a milestone: its 50th annual convention, drawing members and suppliers from across the United States, Mexico, and Canada. As president, Lance Jungmeyer continues to guide the organization through ups and downs, evolving alongside its members as the perishables supply chain navigates a politically charged and often uncertain global marketplace.

Q: What are your thoughts on 2019? What would you like to accomplish this year?

A: I’m excited to get back to “regular” business. The past couple of years have been focused on analyzing the changing geopolitical environment and how it relates to feeding America with healthy fruits and vegetables.

Because of a lack of water, land, and labor in the United States, we see more and more U.S. firms are looking to do business in Mexico. Despite the turbulence caused by the negotiation of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, this need has not abated. We help companies get their produce across the border quicker, more efficiently, and with less red tape—which means our members can focus on what they do best: feeding North America with wholesome fresh produce.

[...] Q: How will your members be affected by the new United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement compared to NAFTA?

A: It will take time, but we should see much improved cooperation between the three nations. In fresh produce, we should see mutual recognition programs where USDA and SAGARPA (Mexico’s Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries, and Food)

will trust each other more often to do certain agriculture inspections or certificates. We should see more transparency and cooperation in food safety. There are some very positive changes in the trade agreement.

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